• From one bag to a bulk railcar, Amco distributes grades of the highest quality polymers, compounds and additives.

  • AMCO is a trusted supplier to the global automotive industry.

  • Amco’s broad offering of recycled resins can help reduce your carbon footprint

  • Count on Amco to fulfill your needs for critical applications.


Amco Polymers is a family owned business with a product portfolio that provides our customers with the highest quality products from industry leading suppliers. Industry knowledge, integrity and dependability create unmatched value in the distribution marketplace.


Amco Polymers has been helping customers develop compounded resins since 1955.  Amco is unbiased in our approach by selecting from our extensive range of resins, additives, modifiers and fillers, while making sure we match the specific color you are looking for.

Technical Services

The Amco Technical Service team has the ability to provide unbiased material selection advice on commercially available solutions and even for solutions that have yet to be imagined. Amco has the ability to be involved in every phase from application inception to production.

Logistics & Inventory

Amco's distribution centers offer everything from rail and bulk truck handling to packaging, blending and pulverizing. These facilities combine our private fleet and contract carriers for bulk, truckload and less-than-truckload shipments. Amco gets you the right amount of product when you need it.

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Welcome to Amco

Amco Polymers was founded in 1955 with a philosophy based on helping customers find solutions to problems and a commitment to continuous improvement and service. From that philosophy Amco has continued to grow and add diverse services and product offerings unlike any plastics supplier in the industry. Amco understands that speed is essential in today's competitive market place.


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